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Phoenix in Obsidian

By Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock
The second book of The Eternal Champion trilogy.As Erekose, the Eternal Champion, he slew the human race that had betrayed his ideals. And loved Ermizhad, the Eldren princessThe the voices called him and he was powerless to resist. As Fate's soldier, the Eternal One, his lot was to vanquish tyranny. Sent tumbling through the corridors of eternity, he found himself transformed. Now Urlik Skarsol - he is the Prince of the Southern Ice. To find his way home, Urlik Skarsol must take up the Black Sword, the monstrous weapon that demands blood - be it friend's or foe's - before his tortured soul can rest. Before the powers of Evil can be conquered. Before he can rediscover Ermizhad.Before he can know peace again ...