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Tales From the End of Time

Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock

The Dancers At The End of Time

Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock

Series: End of Time

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John Clute Introduces the Collected Moorcock

The Background of the Collected Moorcock

He is now over 70, enough time for most careers to start and end in, enough time to fit in an occasional half-decade or so of silence to mark off the big years. Silence happens. I don't think I know an author who doesn't fear silence like the plague; most of us, if we live long enough, can remember a bad blank year or so, or more. Not Michael Moorcock.

What's New and Different in the Gollancz Michael Moorcock Collection

All volumes in this collection have been revised and/or corrected by Michael Moorcock and his long-time bibliographer John Davey, and thoroughly re-copyedited to ensure the best possible consistency and continuity across the whole collection. Some of these changes are minor, but others are more wide-ranging and substantial. These are truly the definitive editions.


An Appreciation of Moorcock's The Nomad of Time

In his introduction to Gollancz's Michael Moorcock Collection, John Clute credits Moorcock with, among many other things, 'the invention (more or less) of steampunk'. I'd say Clute got that about right. And once, this godfather of steampunk was generous enough to blurb my own proto-steampunk novel, Anti-Ice (1993): 'At last! A scientific romance to rival Verne!' I was hugely thrilled to get such an endorsement from a writer like Moorcock, and I got to tell him so when I first met him at around that time. And, as with Clute, while Moorcock was very kind with his praise, I’d say he got it about right about the nature of my book.

Where to Begin Your Michael Moorcock Reading by Editor Marcus Gipps

Where to Start Reading

Gollancz is deeply proud to be publishing the (almost) complete genre works of Michael Moorcock, an author who has had an incalculable influence on many genres. Fantasy, SF, literary fiction, spy fiction, steampunk, time-travel stories, planetary romances – Moorcock has written a little bit of everything, and he always does it well.

An Introduction to the Collected Michael Moorcock

Michael Moorcock Introduces His Collection

BY 1964, AFTER I had been editing NEW WORLDS for some months and had published several science fiction and fantasy novels, including Stormbringer, I realised that my run as a writer was over. About the only new ideas I’d come up with were miniature computers, the multiverse and black holes, all very crudely realized, in The Sundered Worlds. No doubt I would have to return to journalism, writing features and editing. “My career,” I told my friend J.G.Ballard, “is finished.” He sympathized and told me he only had a few sf stories left in him, then he, too, wasn’t sure what he’d do.


Michael Moorcock and Epic Fantasy

Conan was strong and Aragorn was noble, but Elric was a sickly albino who needed a cocktail of exotic drugs just to get out of bed, let alone cut his mighty swathe; or else a demonic sword that ate the souls of his victims - and friends - in order to keep him on his feet - a willing submission to the sort of thing that Aragorn so explicitly has no truck with, and that Conan has no need of.