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The Whispering Swarm

Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock

With his first full novel in almost ten years (not counting his Doctor Who book), Michael Moorcock - the most influential figure in modern fantasy and science fiction - returns to the city of his birth. London has always been a central character in Moorcock's work, from the high-literary fiction of MOTHER LONDON to the roof gardens of Jerry Cornelius.Now return to London just after the war, a city desperately trying to get back on its feet. And one young boy, Michael Moorcock, who is about to discover a world of magic and wonder. Between his first tentative approaches to adulthood - a job on Fleet Street, the first stirrings of his interest in writing - and a chance encounter with a mysterious Carmelite Friar, we see a version of Moorcock's life that is simultaneously a biography and a story. Mixing elements of his real life with his adventures in a parallel London peopled with highwaywomen, musketeers and magicians, this is Moorcock at his dazzling, mercurial best.

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The Life & Times of a Jerry Cornelius Fan

More than thirty years before Cersei and Jaime made incest cool Jerry Cornelius fell in love with his sister, Catherine. Named for a greengrocer in Notting Hill Gate, Jerry Cornelius was the bi-sexual, occasionally hermaphroditic, shape shifting, physicist, rock guitarist and assassin hero (well protagonist, in fact sometimes he just spent books lying in a coffin) created by Michael Moorcock. Moorcock is an author responsible for a much higher percentage of all that is interesting in genre fiction than many would be prepared to admit.