I discovered Michael Moorcock at the perfect time



I discovered Michael Moorcock at the perfect time. It was 1992, and I read these words: It was in that year when the fashion in cruelty demanded not only the crucifixion of peasant children, but a similar fate for their household animals, that I first met Lucifer and was transported to Hell; for the Prince of Darkness wished to strike a bargain with me.

It was a novel called The Warhound and the World’s Pain, which I had bought on a whim from a book club. 1992 was a time of change for me. I’d decided to take writing more seriously; I was waking up to the world around me, which seemed to be expanding with every thought I had; I was beginning to truly understand the endless possibilities of words. And by introducing me to Ulrich von Bek, one of the many incarnations of the Eternal Champion that exist throughout the multiverse, Michael Moorcock showed me there was so much more to the realm of fantasy than I ever imagined before.

I consider Moorcock as something of a teacher. Through his works, I learned to never be afraid of my imagination, and to always consider every possible angle from which a story can be approached. Even now, with every tale of his I read, it seems I come away having gained a new insight into telling stories. There’s a drug in Moorcock’s books that is highly addictive.

Over the years, I discovered other incarnations of the Eternal Champion - Elric and Hawkmoon, Corum and Cornelius – each of them a hero, an anti-hero, an antagonist; whatever they needed to be as the warriors fighting for the balance between Law and Chaos. It’s a great comfort to me knowing there are still so many Moorcock tales that I am yet to discover, but it will always be The Warhound and the World’s Pain that holds the biggest place in my heart. My first Michael Moorcock. The story of the damned von Bek, and his trip into an original, enduring vision of Hell that still haunts me to this day, and reminds me to try and find something different in my own writing.

I have written a novel called The Relic Guild. In this novel is a character called Fabian Moor. He is, in part, named after an inspiration and a teacher.


The Warhound and the World's Pain

By Michael Moorcock
Michael Moorcock (1939-)Michael Moorcock is one of the most important figures in British SF and Fantasy literature. The author of many literary novels and stories in practically every genre, his novels have won and been shortlisted for numerous awards including the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, Whitbread and Guardian Fiction Prize. In 1999, he was given the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award; in 2001, he was inducted into the SF Hall of Fame; and in 2007, he was named a SFWA Grandmaster. Michael Moorcock is also a musician who has performed since the seventies with his own band, the Deep Fix; and, as a member of the prog rock band, Hawkwind, won a gold disc. His tenure as editor of New Worlds magazine in the sixties and seventies is seen as the high watermark of SF editorship in the UK, and was crucial in the development of the SF New Wave. Michael Moorcock's literary creations include Hawkmoon, Corum, Von Bek, Jerry Cornelius and, of course, his most famous character, Elric. He has been compared to, among others, Balzac, Dumas, Dickens, Ian Fleming, J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard. Although born in London, he now splits his time between homes in Texas and Paris.

Von Bek

By Michael Moorcock
Moorcock's Multiverse presents for the first time, definitive editions of Michael Moorcock's most influential work, fully revised and updated by the author.

This is the story of Ulrich von Bek, a cynical mercenary who sells his skills as a soldier in the wars taking place all over Europe. After the particularly horrific destruction of a city in which he played a role, von Bek decides to desert the military company he was working for and travel alone for awhile before seeking further employment.

On his solo journey, he happens upon a castle where he takes refuge with - and then falls in love with - the keeper of the castle, the beautiful Sabrina. It is in this castle that he meets Lucifer, the master of Hell, and finds out that his soul is already destined for Hell. And so, in exchange for his soul, von Bek agrees to go on a quest for Lucifer, namely to find the Cure for the World's Pain. This quest is also known as the Search for the Holy Grail.

As von Bek travels around Europe on his impossible quest, he will find himself caught up in wars, politics, intrigue and romance. But he can never forget his purpose - or the terrible bargain he has made with the devil...


Born in London in 1939, Michael Moorcock is the legendary editor of the influential NEW WORLDS magazine and a prolific and award-winning writer with more than 80 works of fiction and non-fiction to his name. He is the creator of Elric, Hawkmoon, Jerry Cornelius and Colonel Pyat, amongst many other memorable characters.Moorcock's Multiverse presents the science fiction and fantasy of Michael Moorcock in newly updated, definitive editions.New introductions by Michael Moorcock and John Clute.Michael Moorcock has won the NEBULA, WORLD FANTASY, JOHN W. CAMPBELL and BRITISH FANTASY AWARDs and is a SFWA Grand Master.